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Fog and Nature


Environmental Monitor Training

The BEAHR Environmental Monitor Program is a community-based culturally relevant and nationally recognized training program. Students learn to incorporate western science and traditional ecological knowledge into environmental monitoring. 


Professional Consultation

Our Team will work with you for all of your consulting needs

Environmental Project Management and Consultation, 

Environmental Monitoring and Reporting, 

Geographical Information Systems Mapping and Analysis, 

Traditional Knowledge Studies and Continued Support

Conservation and Reclamation Planning

Wilderness Survival Training & Leadership

Wilderness Leadership training starts with reconnecting to the land through learning more about plants, wildlife, and sacred sites.

Our Wilderness Survival Training will provide you with the confidence to travel by car or foot in urban and remote areas knowing that you have the right equipment and skills to navigate through emergency and unpredictable weather, or circumstances.

Having confidence starts with our trainers, our Indigenous-led team will provide both wilderness first-aid tips and Traditional Knowledge methods for survival in emergency situations.

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