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Fog and Nature


Professional Consultation

We provide both Advisory and Facilitator roles for your short and long-term projects.

Our services include consultation and advisory roles on indigenous lands, traditional land use studies, resource development projects and facilitation of complex issues.

Professional Services

Our approach is to help you find solutions and provide you with unique tools to help you work through any goal or initiative, we have experience from boots on the ground to the boardroom, bringing you a holistic look at your goals, visions or desired personal growth. Whatever the reason for improving your abilities to navigate and work with others, we are here to support you both through our short-term programs and long-term connections, where we offer a variety of courses and we also customize to your group or company’s needs.

  • Facilitating environmental and land access issues, truth, and reconciliation implementation plans,

  • Facilitating regular meetings for committees, groups and government organizations that require 3rd party facilitation

  • Report writing and debrief notes with data integrity

  • Team building and retreats

  • Advisory Role in Environmental Monitoring and Land Use


We are available to provide coordination role and support to your Land staff by providing assistance in Indigenous environmental monitoring requiring braiding of western science and traditional ecological knowledge.

An Indigenous monitoring program is a complex and important task, as a Leader in Indigenous Environmental Monitoring, we are focussed on the inclusion of Traditional Ecological knowledge and consideration for the past; sacred sites, the present use of the land, and future concerns and conservation considerations.

It is our observation that this process will continue to be delicate and yet a critical role in the duty to consult, impacts to aboriginal and treaty rights, and the inclusion and support of the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP).

We have trained over 400 indigenous environmental monitors and have established a grassroots network of Indigenous Environmental Monitors; we have influenced the design of this role and continue to support this role.

We have the experience and understanding of incorporating, were identified by the community, Traditional Ecological Knowledge involves much respect, and may involve understanding and participation in protocols for the ceremony, which is diverse in every community.

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