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Fog and Nature



Licensed Delivery Agent of BEAHR

Indigenous Visions has been providing Environmental and land consulting since 2002 across Canada. 

In 2007 Indigenous Visions Inc. delivered the first BEAHR Environmental Monitor Course in Alberta and since then has certified over 275 Indigenous Environmental Monitors across Canada.

Our team of instructors have grassroots experience, education and knowledge in bridging western science and traditional knowledge.

Why do we train Indigenous Environmental Monitors?

We see the BEAHR Training as an opportunity for communities to build capacity and address environmental concerns that will protect flora and fauna in Canada for future generations. We have worked with First Nation communities in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and New Brunswick along with government and industry. Working together has created stakeholders who support this new role of Environmental Monitors trained in both western science and traditional knowledge.


  • Inspiring students to pursue the environmental field and in some cases reconnecting with Mother Earth and their culture.

  • Building Capacity in First Nation communities in the Environmental Sector.

  • We see this training as vital to assist in making a difference for communities who are faced with the challenge of consultation and in many cases do not have the capacity to look at development projects from an environmental perspective.

  • The reward of seeing a high graduation rate of Indigenous students.


What are the successes of the programs we have delivered?

  • Increase capacity for First Nation communities to look at ways to reduce or mitigate environmental impacts before they happen with Industry.

  • Address consultation issues to ensure communities have the baseline data about the state of the environment in their traditional territory and specific to a project area to ensure they have the full picture

  • Bridging western science and traditional knowledge to help reduce impacts to the environment.

  • High graduation rate, often 100%

  • Many students further their education to other college or university programs.

BEAHR Environmental Monitor Program


Land Use Planning Program


Local Environmental Monitor Coordinator Program

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