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Fog and Nature

Our Team

Carol Crowe

Carol Crowe,

     President of Indigenous Visions Inc. since 2006, provides Environmental and Leadership Training, Facilitation. Environmental Wilderness Training, Land Use Planning, Climate Change Adaptation, and Leadership Energy Management, to assist communities as they build capacity to pursue sustainable projects.


Services include consultation on indigenous lands, traditional land use studies, and facilitation of complex issues.


Carol is a certified ECOCanada Environmental Professional (EP) in training and education.  With experience as National Heritage Interpreter, Carol brings the history of indigenous people through storytelling and activities that engage the audience.


Her passion is the wilderness classroom as she has diverse experience in indigenous education from teaching a university course to the field.


This passion has resulted in training over 400 Indigenous Environmental Monitors across Canada with the ECOCanada BEAHR programs.

Environmental Monitor training is focussed on working with grassroots communities bridging traditional knowledge and western science to find was to reduce impacts to lands, waters, soil, and air, while protecting indigenous knowledge and sacred places.

Carol’s traditional knowledge of the land comes from teachings from my dad, family members and community.

  “Growing up my dad taught me a deep love for wildlife.  I remember at about the age of 5 my dad brought home a snapping turtle that had been run over by a car. Seeing the shell grow back and having the opportunity to release the turtle back to the river is a teaching I will never forget.  We had birds with broken wings and stray domestic animals in our home as well.  My husband, who has traditional knowledge, led our family, raising our children with strong cultural roots to ceremony and the environment.  “


Carol Crowe, an avid volunteer with the Board Director for Friends of the Park of Prince Albert National Park, and with her family for the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan.


Her volunteer work at Prince Albert National Park is to raise awareness and create a legacy of her role model.


 “ I have an amazing role model, Anahareo, also known as Gertrude Bernard, that was married to Grey Owl, a historical environmental conservationist author.  Anahareo, my Aunty, stopped the inhumane trapping of beaver in Canada, and received an Order of Canada and an animal rights award from France for her work. It was her love for the orphaned beaver that brought her husband Grey Owl to understand not only did these little pups have a huge role in cleaning the water and creating habitant for other wildlife, but they had amazing little spirits and personalities.”


Carol is a recipient of the Global Women of Vision Award in Business,

And an Esquao Award from the Institute for the advancement of Aboriginal Women.

She is an Alumni of the Governor General Study Conferences.


She resides with her husband and family in the transition zone from the prairies to the boreal forest at Christopher Lake, Saskatchewan.

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