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Indigenous Environmental Monitor Network


The Indigenous Environmental Monitor Network of Canada is a grass roots based collaborative dedicated to reducing our impacts on Mother Earth for the benefit of future generations by bridging the Gap between Western Science and Traditional Knowledge.

Member Benefits:

  • Environmental education opportunities that are inclusive of Indigenous Ecological Knowledge and current legislation addressing indigenous issues and or concerns as well as mitigation methods

  • Access to our online Knowledge center coming soon, with videos and workshops including resume perfection, GIS Techniques, and plant Identification

  • Access to Job and Contract opportunities made available only to our Monitors

  • Networking with other Monitors and Environmental Professionals through conferences and other forums

Membership is $10.00/year and includes a PDF Download of 

The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples .

The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples is a document that describes both individual and collective rights of Indigenous peoples around the world. It offers guidance on cooperative relationships with Indigenous peoples to states, the United Nations, and other international organizations based on the principles of equality, partnership, good faith and mutual respect. It addresses the rights of Indigenous peoples on issues such as: culture, identity, religion, language, health, education, and community.

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